The Studio

The Bodythought approach of body awareness is based on the Alexander Technique principles that put emphasis on how to engage one’s thinking in order to re-direct movement and behavioral patterns. This, combined with a series of very specific and practical exercises designed by Galit Zeif to correct bad use and movement limitation, will improve your performance in all activities.

This approach was developed by Galit Zeif who entered the bodymind world 25 years ago. Having started with the Pilates method, she evolved into the Alexander Technique Teacher Training in London gathering experience with Eastern disciplines such as Chi-Kung and Yoga along the way.

In 1995, Galit Zeif established a studio in Tel-Aviv where she teaches pupils of all ages in all physical conditions.

A Teachers’ Training Programme was founded in 2005.

The Bodythought way encourages you to sincerely observe your “own doings”. When F.M. Alexander was asked about “one’s problems”, he would say, “you do it”. When stopping for a minute, you will notice the symptoms that symbolize tension and disharmony. By transforming tension into attention and intention, you can enhance the control over your body and experience a sense of lightness and harmony.

The Studio offers:

• private Alexander Technique lessons,

• group  lessons,

• workshops; post graduate and introductory

• 3 year Teachers’ Training Program.

Bodythought Studio is located in the heart of Tel Aviv.


16 Graetz St

Tel Aviv 63462


Call us at:  +972 52 5551495 (Galit)  or +972 54 8168897 (Ravit)