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Alexander Technique with Chi-Kung

The Chinese way of energy.



In the Bodythought studio we use Chi Kung, the Chinese energy exercise and a specific system called Zhan Zhuan, meaning “standing like a tree”.
This system of non-doing exercise enables the student to experience other dimensions and discover that the source of all movement is stillness.
The goal is to stimulate the flow of energy internally in the body so that it effectively rushes through and clears the entire network of Chi channels – the meridians.
Some forms of Chi Kung focus exclusively on the mind, posture, breathing or movement, the Zhan Zhuan ultimately fuses all four together.
We use these exercises in order to learn about the ability to transform energy into internal strength.


“Non-action is the real action.
One hundred acts are not as good as one moment of silence.
One hundred exercises are not as good as one moment of standing still”.


“Big action is not as good as small action.
Small action is not as good as non-action”.

                                                                                            Wang Xiang Zhai