• www.alexandertechniqueinternational.com: Home of The Alexander Technique International (ATI) – A worldwide organization of Alexander Technique teachers, students and supporters of the Alexander Technique.
  • https://www.alexandercentre.co.uk/:  Peter Nobes’ website – Head of the South Bank Alexander Technique Center, and author of Mindfulness in 3D.
  • www.easeofbeing.com: The Tommy Thompson website – Head of The Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA) and the co-founder of the Alexander Technique International (ATI).
  • https://www.bodyguide.co.il: Bodyguided, Yoav Taler’s website on the Alexander Technique combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturist, and his work with the Alexander Technique and sports, and fitness.
  • www.the-alexander-technique.eu: The Westminster Alexander Technique Center website in the UK. Home of John Hunter, one of the finest AT teachers that also takes part in the Bodythought teacher training course.
  • www.mouritz.co.uk: Specialist publisher of quality books on the F.M. Alexander Technique.