Workshops 2023:  

Lightness of Being with the Alexander Technique Summer Retreat
July 3 – 9, at the Centro Calima, Gilet, Valencia, Spain.

Retreat Hosts:  Galit Zeif and Kike Ribes

Workshop Leaders:

Menahem Goldenberg, Philosopher, Tel Aviv, Israel.  Author of the Psychosophy Tarot Cards, www.psychosophytarotcards.com
Peter Nobes, Alexander Teacher, Director of the  South Bank Alexander Technique Centre, London UK; Author of AT Mindfulness in 3D.  

Guest Teachers:

Ravit Dahan,  AT with Swimming, Tel Aviv, Israel, and France
Atara Sanerteig, Yoga Instructor, AT with Yoga
Fernando Bosch, Alexander Teacher, AT-Life Work
Nick Hill, Drawing and Painting

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Price (all inclusive):  1.140€

Registration:  Please contact zeifgalit@gmail.com or kikeribes@gmail.com