Bodythought is pleased to announce that Galit Zeif is currently in New York, NY, USA, and will be teaching her Bodythought method in New York.  If you are interested in working with Galit, please feel free to contact her by phone, or send her an email!


Bodythought approach to Alexander Tecnique

Bodythought Approach to the Alexander Technique

Galit Zeif, Head Teacher


Bodythought studio and method represent consciousess of mental-physical functioning.  Based on the Alexander Technique Principles and knowledge from Mindbody disciplines such a Tai-Chi, Yoga and Meditation.  Bodythought is an integrated program for mental-physical reeducation and rehabilitation.

Bodythought method is a practical and simple way; you will improve your poise, hence improving your freedom of choice, gaining balance, coordination, freedom of movement and lightness of being. By practicing regularly, your mind will become more at ease thus enabling you to enhance your mental-physical performance in everything that you do.