Saravá’s song inspired by the life changing and awe inspiring work of Galit Zeif!

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‘Stop doing and let nature do it’s thing’

No words are needed, this is very exciting music from Saravá!!  So happy to be by the side of such beautiful young and inspiring musicians that are taking AT to the next level!!
Congrats👏👏👏🙏🏾❤️   – Galit


From Saravá:

Dear friends around the world 🌎 🌍
We are excited more than ever to share our new video, Saravá, with you! It is live from our last full concert together and featuring our friend and amazing vocalist LALA Tamar – لآلة تمر

Afro Samba meets Moroccan groove, the song is inspired by the life changing and awe inspiring work of Galit Zeif, who’s words ‘Stop doing and let nature do it’s thing’ have become a whole new vibe from the confinement of our collective quarantine… Wild times and we’re all in it together, no matter who you are or where you live, it’s a moment to stop, breathe, rebuild/ renew/ redefine our lives and join forces in whatever ways we can, learn what needs to be learnt and celebrate with music and new ideas.

The words in Arabic (see below) written by our dear friend Momo Afrika were a welcome addition to the song during our residency in Morocco last year.

We would like to virtual-shout-out a massive thank you to Yahav Maman, who did an exceptional job recording this concert, a thank you to Ishay Piccione, for going the extra K’s with the mix, to Yoav Erteschik and our friends on phones for the video, a thank you to Assa Bigger from Studio 207 for being the most hospitable man in Tel Aviv and last but not least a bow to the incredible, humble and compassionate Sasha Franklin for the video editing.

Dudi Shaul – Guitar and voice
Ben Ben Franklin – Drums
Daniel Harlev – Double Bass
Special guest: Lala Tamar – vocals

Yours in music,

– Saravá –

Composition and lyrics by Dudi Shaul – דודי שאול

Stop! that doing
Dont complicate things
Undo that doing
You are lighter than you think

Smile! Not doing
Stop getting in your way
Be careless and carefree
Let nature do its thing

Lyrics in Arabic by Momo_Afrika_Official

‎هايم في هاد الدنيا حالي من أحوال الغير
‎قلبي داب في ثانية قولو لي واش اندير
‎اضحك فهاد الدنيا همومك من هموم الناس
‎الساعة دايزة هانية ومالي انا بايت عساس
‎واحد في ملكو هاني ومالي انا بايت عسّاس

‎آاااا مولانا …….أآااا مولانا …..

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